A Psychological Look At V

As an avid movie junkie and psych student this paper has been the most fun I’ve had in school. I really enjoyed doing a psych eval on a fictitious character from a movie I absolutely adore. The following is the evaluation for V for Vendetta’s main character.

My clients name is V. He’s a 35 year old male, self-educated, self-employed, showing high intelligence, an appreciation for classical music and movies, as well as art.  There is very little background information. He suffers amnesia due to medical testing and a traumatic experience in young adulthood. He survived a fire at the testing site which he was the lone survivor. He suffered burns on 90% of his body and now fears others seeing his scars, leaving him to wear a costume, mask, and wig. He shows anxiety in public and around crowds. He holds severe anger and a desire to seek revenge for his injuries and the deaths of the others who were killed in the fire he survived. He states that he needs to right the wrongs of the world. He wants to be the change in the world that will heal a nation.

Keeping all of this in mind, it brings new understanding to the movie and the character it revolves around. This makes for an interesting point of view. Though I had no trouble relating to his cause and seeing the similarities to government even today, it is definitely an interesting take on the character.

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