Dream Destination: All Expense Paid Where Would I go?

You are given a ticket, your choice, plane, boat, or train. You can go to the station and look at everything available. Destination unknown. Do you go to Florida to see the coasts off the crystal clear ocean? Perhaps a train trip across the U.S.A.? Going coast to coast you could see many attractions in one trip. Beach? There is always the Bahama’s. Or are you thinking bigger, better, further away?

The exotic, cultural, private, romantic, or perhaps simply an ocean view. What does your dream destination look like? I actually have many. Having never left the United States, exploring the world would be a dream come true. I believe first on my list would have to be Italy. My family lineage begins there on my mother’s side. Sicily, Milan, Pompeii, these would be a few of my stops in Italy. But my number one stop would have to be Rome. Oh Rome how I long to explore you.

Greece is high on my list, though I have to admit if given the choice, deciding exactly where to go first would be a difficult one. The Melissani Caves because who am I kidding, cave exploration is amazing. Acropolis to see where Athena once stood tall. The peace and seclusion of Meteora that has attracted the monks. Delphi, as the center of the universe is a must see for me. The “holy mountain” or Mount Athos is a stop I couldn’t miss. Meeting the Greek Gods on Mount Olympus is definitely on my bucket list. I’m sure I’m missing something but these are my top reasons for wanting to visit Greece.

Spain, not only have I wanted to visit here, I’ve also wanted to live here. Many think running with the bulls when they hear trip to Spain, I really have no interest in seeing this. I would much rather see the beaches of La Concha. Cuenca, built deep in the mountain side is a site I would have to see for myself. Villajoyosa holds many interesting things to do as well as beautiful beaches but what attracts me the most is.. well.. the chocolate. Now the village of Castrillo de los Polvazares and it’s architecture is attractive and walking the cobble streets taking me back in time would be incredible.

I must say a few things would bring me to Morroco, first and foremost, the tree climbing goats. I absolutely love goats and how cool would that be to see them up in a tree? The stone arc at Legzira Beach is definitely on my to do list. The caves in Friouato is of course on my list because as you can see I find caves captivating. The Garden of Hesperides, could it have once held the tree of knowledge that Adam and Eve first found shame and awareness? I don’t know but would love to check it out all the same. To appease my creepy side, I would have to see the Miara Cemetery, which to be honest would be amazing for me. I love old burial markers.

Nepal holds several caves, which I would visit if I couldn’t visit them all would be a difficult decision. Kenyam and it’s historical tea garden would be amazing to see. Rupa Lake, I mean come on… Who wouldn’t want to see a lake surrounded by trees, hills, and beautiful scenery? Seeing the architecture in Patan would be a dream come true for this ancient addicted traveler. Having to see waterfalls with the bonus of the strange and unusual growth of the trees, I have to add Trekking in Annapurna.

The beauty of Kashmir India would alone drive me to visit but lets see what other interesting stops I would make. It may be a popular tourist attraction, I would still have to visit Leh-Ladakh. I can see why it’s so popular and would love to visit the nature enriched area. Delhi as the capital has many many interesting things to check out. The Hindu influenced city of ‘Moksha’ is another must experience for me. You may have noticed throughout my blog I’ve mentioned my lack of religious commitment, this definitely does not mean I do not have a deep appreciation for religious destinations. The nature within Sunderbans of course is a place I’d have to stop because nature is what I’m all about after all.

Of course the pyramids of Egypt I’ve always wanted to see but there are other attractions in Egypt that would draw me there as well. Riding a camel to Mount Sinai would definitely be cool. Shipwrecks and coral reefs would be a pretty awesome site to explore. I have to admit the rock carvings of long gone pharaos couldn’t be more appealing. I mean to see the thoughts and ideas of these once vibrant and amazing civilizations, how can you not be drawn in? Though Egypt mention is immediately brought to the pyramids, I would have to visit Al-Azhar Park full of growth, paths, and gardens that many would not even consider in Egypt simply because Egypt is associated with the desert.

That about wraps it up for my top destination points for my lottery winning future where money is not a consideration. haha. One day I will check off a few of these amazing places from my bucket list. If I’m lucky, all of them.

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