The Unspoken Truth About Mental Illness

A dear fellow blogger has been struggling the past few weeks with anxiety and depression. After responding to one of his raw and emotional posts yesterday it has occurred to me I have not touched on this subject in my own blog and maybe it’s time I did.

You often hear about the drug crisis in this country and sometimes you hear associated with this drug crisis mentioned of the mental health crisis. More than likely the only time you really pay attention to this mental health crisis is when the news more than suggests that all of these shootings are due to non treated mentally ill. Personally, this offends me. It is absolutely ridiculous to first place blame on all violent criminal acts on the mentally ill and second it is morally and ethically wrong to stereo type the mentally ill as violent.

There may be some people who when not treated and unable to cope who become violent BUT the majority of these people are struggling every single second to even take care of their primary needs to survive. Getting out of bed each day, brushing their teeth, getting a shower, getting dressed, cooking a meal, or going to work. These show the reality of depression. These show the reality of mental health issues. The suicide rate, the use of drugs and alcohol, the isolated and lost. These are the faces of depression and mental health issues.

I know of many people, myself included, who suffer depression and mental illness and not one of them have ever had a violent bone in their body. The media as well as the government have painted a much darker picture making it more difficult for the real individuals suffering to reach out and search for help to simply live. These people who influence much of our beliefs and understanding of what is going on around the world are blatantly lying about the threat these individuals pose on our communities world wide.

The mass majority of individuals suffering from mental illness are not only not a threat but in much need of assistance and support rather than being feared. It is a proven fact which I can confirm from personal experience that the majority of these people are far from a threat and more likely to be victims rather than a person committing a crime let alone a violent one. It is such a diservice to those who require help to simply survive. It should be a crime to lable these individuals as violent or portray them as anything more than people “PEOPLE” who need help to have any type of normalcy and quality of life.

How dare these individuals in the positions of power and influence treat these people as violent criminals rather than mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children, who are desperate and deserving of help to have any kind of quality of life. To me it is no wonder it is so difficult for these people to reach out and make the first step to TRY to feel better. The world around us paints them out as insane, violent, souless beasts. Who the hell wants to be seen like that? I know I don’t.

This touches me on such a deep level as I have suffered depression and anxiety for longer than I can remember. Most people can’t remember much before the age of 5. That being said my very first memory is one of panic and depression at the age of 5 so who knows if it was there before then. I simply do not remember so I can’t say either way. I have received treatment and have been on hundreds of different medications, and multiple hospitalizations out of pure desperation to stay alive. Not to prevent violence but to STAY ALIVE. this is a life and death situation. Not a violent situation but mear survival.

I still have times that I struggle and I can tell you that getting up in the morning can sometimes take so much energy that doing a single thing more is unthinkable. Going out and shooting up a community is absolutely impossible. It could take all day to make a sandwich so that I don’t starve, how is that a threat? I know from my own experience and interactions with hundreds if not thousands of others who have suffered depression and other mental illnesses that the threat is real. Not a threat of violence but a threat of these people losing their lives simply because the treatment isn’t there and when it is, its terrifying to seek it out because of the way WE are portrayed in the media and government.

I am so sick of seeing a large percentage of the WORLD being treated as a disease to be feared when WE need help. It is literally the witch hunt of the 21st century. It is an unspoken word that seeking help proves you are unstable and dangerous. How the hell can people be so easily swayed to believe this with no evidence to support it? How the hell can these people in power create such panic in those who don’t suffer and complete shame and embarrassment in those who do suffer. I can’t imagine a single person not at least knowing someone whether they realize it or not who suffers from some form of mental illness. If you don’t I imagine you are the one who suffers. The statistics show that it is literally everywhere. It doesn’t matter your economic status, your family upbringing, or the color of your skin. This is a real issue and instead of treating it as u s against them, we need to come together and support these individuals suffering. This bullshit of creating a tear in humanity and turning brother against brother based on a MEDICAL condition is unthinkable, yet every time we turn on the TV there it is. Thrown in every single person with access to tv, social media, or even radio’s faces that these individual, That I am a threat to society.

We need help, we need GOOD health care providers and mental health caregivers, we need medications that work, and testing to find out how to treat the mentally ill. The quality of all of the above in 90% of the cases just isn’t there. Why? Because WE are treated as animals not the people fighting to survive that we clearly are. I do hope that anyone who reads this and is or knows someone suffering from mental illness gets the help they need and supports others in getting help rather than chastising and fearing them.

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