10 Free Trees delivered directly to you!

The Arbor Day Foundation offers a 6 month membership for only $10. With this membership you have some options included as free rewards for members. One of these offers include 10 free trees between 6-12 inches high to plant where you wish in your own yard or even have them sent to someone else. This membership also offers a 33% discount in their nursery of over 100 other trees and shrubs including shade, flowering, ornamental, fruit trees, evergreens and more. An Arbor Day newsletter subscription is also included in this membership. Last but not least there is The Tree Book which is included covering topics of how to plant and care for your new trees in a colorful and fun book. The trees are delivered to you free of charge at the time of year best suited for each individual tree to be planted and succeed in growing healthy.

Among many other ways the Arbor Day Foundation is trying to rescue the world from deforestation, they sponsor a Rainforest rescue and a Replanting our forests programs. They strive to replace trees that were destroyed either by community growth, deforestation, or natural disasters that have wiped out many trees. They are committed to leaving the legacy of a healthy, happy, tree covered earth for our future generations. The Time for Trees Initiative is important to this organization and raising awareness is important in all aspects of living. From clean air to healthy drinking water, we need to support and protect our trees.

Visit them at https://www.arborday.org or email at give@arborday.org for more information.

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