10 Ways to Wind Down After A Long Day Of Writing

1. Breathe..I know that sounds obvious but focusing on your breath will calm you and actually slow your breathing.

2. Walk away from whatever you are working on. Turn off the computer and put away the pen and paper. Keeping them handy will only encourage you to keep working.

3. Take a shower or preferably a warm bath, soaking a long time to release stress and melt away tension.

4. Drink some decaf tea or warm milk. If you don’t like warm milk add a small amount of sugar. The best tea to relax you is definitely chamomile.

5. Turn off electronics, I struggle with this but truly keeping them off including your phone allows you to focus on you.

6. Do some stress relieving practices such as prayer or meditation. This too will lower the heat rate and breathing ultimately relaxing you.

7. Read, I know this almost goes hand in hand with writing however focusing on someone else’s finished piece will keep you from worrying about what’s next in your own work.

8. Cuddle, hug, or kiss a significant other or even pet. It produces the same hormones as happiness.

9. Spend time in quiet. Enjoy nature, the sky, your yard, or even the sound of neighbors laughing. It’s a stress reliever.

And 10. Go for a walk either by yourself, a pett, friend, kids, or significant other.

Bonus: Do something you enjoy… enjoy a hobby, play an instrument, cook, exercise, or whatever floats your boat.

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