Early Morning Revelations

As I write this it’s 4:30 a.m. and as so often is true I’ve been awake all night. Instead of stressing over homework I spent hours crafting today. Now after a long session of creating cool things I’m chilling out watching movies.

It’s amazing how the world looks and sounds different at 4 a.m. Friday was a full moon so at this hour and I look out the window my yard is lit nicely as the moon is bright. Soon the sun will begin creeping into the sky and the beautiful pinks and purple’s of the early sun will grace my sights.

Listening to the world at this early hour as I leave my dogs out I can hear the bull frogs chirping across the road in the high grass. Somewhere in the distance there is rustling with an animal crossing my field. Close to our fire pit are the last of the lightening bugs (glow bugs) bleeping on and off until they hide for the day. The crickets are starting to come out from hiding to sing their little songs.

I creep around the house not to disturb the living in the hours of the dead. There is no traffic and the street lights are beginning to fade. The cool air is pleasing after a hot day and is a refreshing change before the heat returns. I’m cuddled under a throw while wearing my robe I’m not sure if I should drink coffee or stuck to tea.

Insomnia is a curse for many but to see the world at the wee hours of the morning is a blessing for those who care to explore it. I could sit quietly and listen to the world beginning to wake up. I can gaze at all around me to see the change of shift between the creatures outside. If you are stuck with insomnia take advantage of the time and see the world we miss while we rest.

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