Gifts for the Avid Readers in your life from

I absolutely love this. Every reader needs a light for bed to continue late into the night with their new love.

Who doesn’t love Ernest Hemingway? Every book lover needs their book marks to prevent those horrible page folds. Until looking for these items I had no idea they had wooden ones. This is just way too cool.

We all have keys, car keys, house keys, and any other kind of key you can think of. I hate key chains! They always break on me and I can never find one’s I like. I mean come on, I’m way too much for a boring old key chain. Why not give your book lover this one?

Readers and writers alike can relate to this mug. I’m judging you by your grammar!

With my love for crafting I had to add this one. Quilting was my first experience with crafting outside of writing and painting. This quilt depicts a perfect reader.

Another Grammar mug that I thought was cute: The difference between knowing your crap and knowing you’re crap.

This one is a T-shirt. I can sooo relate.

This one is the last one I chose. Abiliophobia Long sleeve t-shirt.

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