Mythical Creatures We All Know And Love

Over the centuries mythical creatures have continued to have the power to entice it’s audiences. While some argue these beings once lived, others wonder how they were originated. Stories about these creatures have captivated their audiences for longer than many can imagine. Movies have only revived and boosted this fascination, not that I’m complaining. Like many other story lovers, being delighted in the lands these creatures live, fantasizing about existing among them brings wonder to my world.

Of all of the mystic adventurers created over time, I believe my love for fairies and dragons run the deepest. This may be due to their ability to fly or could even be their magical abilities but I adore these creatures and would live in a place where they venture through time and space. Watching them interact with the world without fear of destruction is a fantasy I’ve had since early childhood.

Tales of the fiery beasts known to many as dragons declare fear inducing monsters who breathe fire, destroy whole communities, and kill indiscriminately regardless of age, sex, or fortune. They are painted out to be vicious and unrelenting creatures out for blood. One particular story comes to mind concerning a dragon that I absolutely love. The Neverending Story by Michael Ende. Even though the dragon is not the main character, he is a lovable character who helps the hero’s success on his mission. This may not be the typical idea brought to mind when we imagine dragons but when I was young, this story captivated me.

Fairies are often painted out to be sweet, helpful, and sometimes mischievous. These qualities and their tiny adorable appearances are often times what draws in their admirers. On the other hand, a few such as myself, love to see what kind of trouble these captivating creatures of flight can get into. Many know Tinker Bell in Peter Pan, Silky of Far Away Tree, The Tooth Fairy, and probably the most famous among these pleasant pixies, the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella. These tiny sprites may cause a little trouble but are always willing to make things right in the end, proving to be helpful and loving. A few the world tends not to think of when it comes to fairies are Maleficient who brought fear to the nights of many children, and Susanna Clark’s nameless fairy who’s sanity is often in question.

There are many mythical creatures that the world adores. Finding your favorites can be a rewarding past-time. Allowing your dreams to become reality in these stories will come easily. Continuing to dream long after the story is over will fulfill the need to fantasize and live with hopes of better things. Exploring the mythical world is an adventure in itself, add in the imagination and you have a world no one can ever take away from you.

Perhaps you enjoy unicorns, who’s flight and magical single horn reaching to the sky from their heads provides pureness in the land. You may enjoy the protection of Gnomes, or the secrecy of Leprechaun’s. The legends of the Loch Ness Monster have flooded the the Scottish Highlands for centeries. Maybe the mysticism of Elves have secured your love for fantasy. The fascination of trolls cause these creatures with inability to feel regret and the charm they use may hold you captive. Low and behold the wonder and mind-bogging creativity found in these and many other mythical creatures brings joy to the world.

For an author, mythological creatures can bring new inspiration and provoke many new possibilities. Creating a new creature can be challenging and gratifying all together. Putting a twist on a whimsical creature could be an exciting development and joy to include in your work.

In my book Night Terror, a new and wicked creature is introduced. This was an incredible challenge that I adored. The process was rewarding as I took the ideas of what these varmints would be, bringing details in creating them. The process of constructing a personage was exciting and challenging. I loved every second. Meet the Aerobask’s and decide for yourself if these are new favorites in the fictitious lands beyond our own existence.

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