Back to the grind

I have been gone for far too long. My testing goes on with no answers as of yet. I’m finding the only way to deal with all of this fear and confusion is to write. This morning in the wee hours I searched through old documents I’ve saved with prior book ideas. Many of these are started pieces of work that have never been finished. I found one particular one I didn’t recall the title. I opened it, it was only 3 or 4 pages. I read the first paragraph and no memory of writing it came. I continued on like this through the first page and a half. Soon after, I began to recognize the story idea. The writing was changed, the ideas new, the style unlike me, but this WAS my story. I was shocked as well as pleased. I have absolutely no idea what inspired me to write this story or in the style it was written but after reading it I decided it had to be my current work in process. I have not written a single word in months. Not one single word. This lost story inspired me. I was pleasantly surprised when I began typing in the words to follow the previous entry. I was back in the same mind frame and writing in the foreign style again. I have no idea where the story was meant to go or what brought this style or story to me but I’m going with it and have so many ideas for it. I will not write out an outline. It will grow as I type. I look forward to the finished version. No matter how long it takes. I’m only a few pages in but believe it will be better than anything I’ve written prior.

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