How to track Personal Finance

I have found in the past, I have had hundreds, maybe even thousands of notebooks containing bills, pays, spending money, even a food budget. Though this can be useful it’s not always effective. It’s easy to forget something, lose the notebook, not have a back up plan if something costs more than expected, or in the unfortunate event there is an emergency. The following are a few Finance Tracking software’s that have an excellent response.

When searching personal finance tracking software it is important to know your goals and expectations from the software. The following are the best paid software to keep track of your finances.

Quicken is listed as number one on due to the ease of use, available features, and lack of pop up ads. It does have a long wait time when contacting customer service but the price is not bad being between $35-$90 a year and the options and perks are wonderful.

Mint is listed on at number two as the best budgeting tracker. This is a free finance tracker that has FAQ’s, Chat, Phone, and Email support if in need. The feature I love about this software is you can set up alerts for low bank balance, due dates for bills, and helps pinpoint where you spend your money each month offering ways to help you save or redirect that money.

Nerdwallet is listed on as free software. Even though the site is hard to navigate and only has 5 transaction categories, it is a useful one in monitoring your credit score, improving your score, and tracking income and expenses.

Personal Capital is listed as number two on it tracks investments, assets, and savings. Also making you look into your financial future. Offering specific advice on where you stand and how to reach your financial goals. This one did not specify a price, only stating it is lower than most other financial software.

Status is listed on at number 8. The reason I’ve added this one is the software is free and offers most of what the other softwares offer but does not offer bill pay. This can be a problem for some but if you automatically have your bank account set up for bill pay this would not be a problem and maybe even a better solution to your financial planning. The ratings for this software on is 8/10 not too shabby.

YNAB has been listed on every search I’ve done for personal finance software. On their website they said “Learn our method and you could budget successfully, blindfolded, with one arm tied behind your back.” It took me a while to search this one because it did not sound like an attractive offer, but after seeing the price I had to check it out. It’s 6.99 a month and the site itself has a lot of useful information. They are also offering a promo for two months free right now. I may have to check this one out myself.

I hope this article was useful and you can get your financial status in order to enjoy financial security and freedom.

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