Life is short

I’m finding that life is truly precious. The things we see and do daily are taken for granted. Worrying too much about money, bills, belongings, where we live or what we do for a living, is entirely too important in our decisions rather than what makes us happy.  Are you happy? What are your joys? How do you spend free time? Do you love your life? If so, I’m impressed. If not, why not? What spurs your interests? What have you always wanted to try and never found the time to do? What have you always wanted to learn but at some point, decided it wasn’t worth the time or you had grown too old for such silly dreams?

These are the things you will regret when time has passed, and life is in its final chapter. The things we are too embarrassed to try. The worry of what others will think. The struggle for what is appropriate for our age, race, gender, or public opinion of who we are. These are all things that will slowly kill the person inside of you that makes you beautiful and unique. Time is short my friends as cliché’ as that may sound. Life is over in a blink of an eye and when you are facing the last days on this earth, do you really want the life which flashes before your eyes to be full of regret? I understand to survive we must work, but you do not want life to be killing yourself to make that almighty dollar. What kind of life is that? Neglecting yourself, everything and everyone in your life that you love, simply is not worth it. This job you bust your ass at every single day will replace you before your obituary is printed in the paper. While your friends and family are mourning their loss, your boss will be interviewing new employees for your position. It’s harsh I understand, but it is a reality.

Take the time to learn to play that instrument. Go to the park and act like a kid. Cruise around on a bicycle with your hands in the air riding like you are 10 again. Jump in a puddle. Build a snowman. Collect the leaves that have fallen in the fall. Tell your kids or grandkids that story of when you were a child learning to ride a bike. Do the things that truly matter. Your legacy is not your job or what you’ve accumulated over the years. Your legacy is simple. How did you live your life? Did you live a full life? How did you make others feel when they were with you? Did you show the love that was in your heart?

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