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Medical Issues

I know I’ve hardly written in over a month and on the occasions I do write my regular followers have caught up on my articles. I truly appreciate that. As of now my writing and articles will be on days I feel well enough to do it. A few months back I had taken a few days off writing due to not feeling well. It’s only gotten worse since them. After a month of testing I’ve been referred to a cancer specialist. I’m in the first stages of the testing required by him and I have no idea if it looks like I have cancer. Some of the symptoms I’ve been having have been going on for over a year while others have only been a few months but with each new symptom comes more exhaustion and a more difficult time functioning.

As of now I’ve had several different x-rays, blood work, and urine tests. I have a colonoscopy scheduled for Friday but the cancer doctor told me it wasn’t a necessity right now because I have had one since these symptoms started only a year ago with no findings.

Today was my first appointment with him and after hearing all of my symptoms and my family history, he has ordered two more blood tests that are more specific to cancer diagnosis though no cancers can be diagnosed by blood work alone. He also ordered a full body scan because the likelihood that any cancer with the length of time I’ve had symptoms will be big enough to see on these scans. In addition to the whole body scan I’m going to be having a bone scan because many of the symptoms indicate involvement of the bones. As of now I have ever symptom of later stage Hodgkin’s lymphoma. If I have to have cancer I am happy this is the one they are looking into.. It is one of the highest survival rate among cancer even in late stages. And even if it comes back the chances of beating it are more than 50%.

If this turns out to be cancer I have begun planning alot of the issues that will need dealt with in the worst case scenario. I plan to have a fundraising dinner as well as the ability to donate or purchase pretty much everything in my home that isn’t a necessity so keep an eye out. Of course I will also be open to trades. I’m not sure if this will be helpful or if it will bring in any money needed for treatment and all that comes with it but I’m hopeful.

I have noticed several of my followers have since unfollowed me and I also am well aware this is a very difficult subject to think about or try to talk about to the person going through it but any comments whether about cancer or anything else are welcome. I have no problem talking about it as I learn more or if I go through treatment. I’m actually keeping a daily journal on the process and emotions I’m going through as they happen hoping to help others in the same situation. I guess I’ll be done with that when either I’m cleared or when I finish treatment. So be on the look out for that as well. Hugs my dear friends and I can’t promise I will be writing much but I try at least weekly to see if there is any activity on my word press.

Much love to each of you and love the ones in your life and take care of yourselves.

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