Perfect Weekend Adventures

With it being the weekend it is often the time to unwind and relax to prepare for the week ahead. Most weekends I can be found as I am today in front of the computer working on my writing but the weekends I love I’m out on a little adventure. Cook Forest cabins draw me in with the quiet and serene atmosphere sure to recharge anyone who enjoys peace and quiet. It doesn’t hurt that a short drive away is the fire tower and tons of hiking trails to take it all in. In the fall this is one of the most beautiful places on earth to be.

One weekends like this, the summer is winding out and vacations are almost over, it’s time for one last trip to the beaches of Erie. The water is cool and the fun is overflowing. Taking a walk along the beach or watching the sunset over the water is absolutely amazing. You can find young families or elderly couples taking it all in and enjoying the last moments summer provides.

When I’m feeling the need for a little more interaction, I may take a trip to the city to visit the zoo or many other attractions a city may offer. There is never a shortage of shopping and eateries available when the mood strikes you in the city.

Me being the movie buff I am enjoys a long lost past time available in few areas in the country, the Drive-In theaters. It’s not like it once one with a speaker hanging from your window and girls in skirts delivering food on skates but it brings me back to my childhood all the same. Nearing the end of summer the Drive-In will soon offer the weekend long excursion of a horror movie bash. These are no ordinary horror movies, no these are the good old classics from before my time. With a blanket and bucket of popcorn I’ll sit in a lawn chair and take it all in.

I love my weekends even if as a general rule I work through them. When I do enjoy a day off I can’t think of a better way to take to the world than the ways mentioned above.

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