Take me back

I can only imagine the glitz, glamour, and hope of the 20’s. The New Orleans born music of Jazz by musicians such as Willy ‘The Lion’ Smith and Jelly Roll Morton playing in every club with women fashionably dressed in Flapper dresses, long black gloves, long pearls in a knot hanging from their necks, a boa, long cigarette holder they would puff away, a feather headband atop their heads, and a glass of Bee’s Knees in their hands, accompanied by their male partners dressed in pinstriped suits, ties, hats, pocket watches, and a cigar, waiting for the music to pick up to a Tandy, Lindy Hop, Charleston, or Swing to get on the floor and cut loose. Only to exit the night in their Model T.

Maybe on a Saturday afternoon the well-dressed couples would attend a moving picture show staring Jane Winston, Edna Purviance, or Joan Crawford. The men of the hour such as Cary Grant or Gary Cooper brought viewers in troves. Jazz populating the era and mobsters ruled the streets. Movie Stars and Sports Supers were growing in popularity with the more common purchase of Televisions of the era. When not spending a Saturday at the movies you may find families, friends, and or couples in a smoke-filled room admiring the sounds coming from the Phonograph.  

This was a time of innovation and prosperity. Social and Cultural changes were abound. Art deco influenced everything from what people wore to how people experienced the everyday life. Cars busied the streets more than ever before. Women were more important than ever. Earning the right to vote and even taking on the work force. Men wore well fitted clothing while women wore less fitted and more commonly loose clothing. Class and elegance surrounded the world.  Tea parties and lunches were as common as sitting in front of the boob tube today. Sending a hand-written note or post card to a friend were not only common but expected rather than the fast paced must reply now emails of today. Social gatherings were as important as air. Friendships were solid. Dinner parties were celebrated once a week at minimum. Connections were true.

If I could experience for a day the roaring 20’s I would not pass up the chance. What’s not to love from a time of such great importance? The people, the lifestyle, and the values of such a time are non-existent these days. The generations who lived in the 20’s knew devotion, care, respect, and love. Relationships were undying. Marriages were concrete. Family relations were not second guessed.  Friendships were for life. Support was unending. It truly was a different time.

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