Working From Home

I find for every person who wants to work from home there are dozens of reasons why. For every work from home position there are hundreds of people who apply. Here are some work at home options:

  1. Data Entry- There are multiple sources for data entry job listings. I google search all work from home jobs and offers in my area. In the responses, offers on multiple sites with these jobs and availability.
  2. Transcription- This can be a tricky job to make money from. It sounds easy enough, especially if you type well and quickly. The problem that lays in this job is that you have to be able to understand the person you are transcribing for. I found the need to replay a single sentence four of five times to transcribe it. You are not paid for the time it takes you to transcribe but rather the amount of words you transcribe. If you have a difficult time understanding what the person is saying you could very well spend an entire work day on one assignment only making a few dollars.
  3. Coding- This one I don’t know much about, I know that you can attend school for coding and that the pay is pretty good but I don’t know much more than that aside from the job opportunities for telecommute coding is incredible
  4. Virtual Assistant- This can range in job descriptions based on who your are assisting. You could be doing anything from setting up appointments online to filing reports for your boss. It really does depend on the company or person who hires you. This absolutely requires a quiet work space.
  5. Travel Agent- I do know a few people who work as travel agents from their home. This can both be good and bad. There is no hourly salary so that can be good or bad depending on your history with these types of jobs, your knowledge about travel, the types of people that hire agents, your promotion of your expertise, and the list goes on. Now if you can find your target buyers, you can make a lot of money in this position. Working on commission isn’t always a bad thing.
  6. Teacher- I know what you are thinking, you have to work in a school to be a teacher. No! Not these days, there are many options for teaching from home. With the growing use of online schooling both public and private the need for instructors is growing. This is true from k-college. There is also the option of teaching/tutoring foreign students. This is a good option for those who do not need a full time gig and can work mornings or late at night. Most of these students are in China. The pay is pretty good ranging from $13 an hour to $30 an hour depending on your experience, education, and availability. Choosing the company you want to work for can be time consuming. Almost all of these companies require you to get a TEFL certificate. This may be intimidating but you can get them for less than $50 on sites like groupon. Some schools may require a Bachelors degree, however, not all schools require more than a high-school education or GED.
  7. Social-Media Manager- These positions can be difficult to come by. They involve media planning, advertising, and promotions. This can be time consuming but most of these companies do pay well.
  8. Event Planner- To me this sounds like a fun position to hold. I’m sure it has its extremely stressful moments but can you imagine setting everything up for a couple to enjoy their most important day of their relationship? Or providing services to a company who is expanding? The people that hire Event Planners range in what they are in need of, where they are looking to hold the event, price they are able and willing to spend, and even the types of people in need. This can be an excellent way to learn about people, interact with all walks of life, and have fun doing it.
  9. Website Tester- These positions are generally paid per website you test. The amount of money you make will really depend on how much time you devote to this position. You can search web tester positions on any search engine and open opportunities will be before you.
  10. Writer/Author/Blogger/Editor- Of course, this is my favorite category. You do not have to have experience writing to do any of these except editing. To write content, copy writing, author writing, even blog writing, you can learn the craft as you go. There are multiple websites that will guide you and teach what you need to be successful in these. Among each of these, often times they look for editors. It’s a win win for everyone.

These are a few of my most talked about work from home positions. I can list many many more and may do some more posts on this at a later date. Working doesn’t have to be a daily grind, huge commute, and business attire. It truly can be done in your PJ’s, at home, coffee in hand, on your schedule, without a horrific commute. Explore your options and start applying now. You will not regret it.

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