Alexia Lockhart: Cross Genre Author of Erotica/Romance

The Romance/Erotica author, 40-year-old Alexia, is currently working on a true to life series called The Wildflower series. She knew early on in life that writing was a way to escape and as she matured into a teenager found herself writing poetry and romance stories. Afraid of judgment, Alexia feared sharing her stories and poems with anyone until college. When she met her best friend there, she finally trusted someone enough to allow them to see what she had been writing over the years. He made her promise to never stop writing. She is disappointed to report that she had bro0ken that promise for nearly 2 decades and only began writing again 3 years ago. This is when she had decided to continue the series’ she had began so many years earlier.

 In a heartbreaking turn of events, Alexia’s best friend Ron passed away shortly after finishing the second book that she had written for her husband as a Christmas gift. After reading over letters between her and her best friend, she remembered the promise she had made and decided to not only dedicate the second book to her husband but the first to her best friend who was so impressed with her writing made her vow to never stop. The two most important and influential men in Alexia’s life are honored in her first two books.

Due to the deep connection and investment in her characters, Alexia is finding her book three a bit more difficult to write. Parts of it deals with the topics of depression and suicide which can deeply affect her and her mood. Though it takes less than a year to write each book this one is taking longer, and she even finds she must set a timer while writing these scenes to not get too caught up in the characters. Sometimes she finds herself writing daily while other times she writes only once a week. Don’t take that as she is not working on her stories though, she always has a notepad and pen close by to jot down any ideas or scenes that come to her while she’s not writing.

A few quirks related to writing for Alexia: She listens to book soundtracks, has a bottle of coke, regular cups of tea, and occasionally eats but only if it’s something quick or she will wait until she’s to a point she can stop writing long enough to get some food in her belly.  The suggested soundtracks to her books connect her even further to her characters and while listening she has some of her best scenes growing in spirit in her mind. Alexia labels herself as a Romance/Erotica author but admits the stories follow a girl’s life and life is not a box we live in following only one genre. She explores the importance of friendship and topics that aren’t usually covered.

Walking around town, Alexia can imagine what her main character Imogen may be doing and seeing in her place. She is inspired by real life and the location of her series. As an adrenalin junkie, Alexia enjoys anything fast, high or in water, making her much like her character Imogen. She was originally a professional Scientist and acts, but the love of written word brings her back to writing. She loves her friends and family dearly and her husband, daughter (who is also a writer), and her best friend Ron have always been her biggest support system.

Authors who inspire Alexia include Michael Morpurgo and Robert Westall. Westall often used real towns and did as Alexia now does, walking the town to picture the story as he went. He has even included tours in his books, this inspired her to do the same. In her personal life, Alexia credits her inspiration outside of authors to Ron who she says, ‘the way he saw life, the way he was with people, so much love and compassion. And he saved my life in many ways, without him I wouldn’t be here.’ One of her characters, Rob, is heavily based on Ron. Wanting to honor him and the amazing person he truly was.

The series is a story Alexia is deeply committed to have told. She is simultaneously working on book 3 and 4 but has published the first and second. The second was published first and will always hold a special part in her heart. This is based on her husband and the love they share. She finds herself reading it with a smile on her face and full heart even if she does already know it inside out. The first book is based on Ron and is full of a budding friendship and her way to keep Ron alive. Both books mean the world to Alexia and I can see why. Even though her first book could be viewed and enjoyed by a young adult audience, her target audience is actually those in their 20’s due to the more adult content in the following books.

The emotion of her stories and the connection to her characters as you read make her stories special. Her dream job as a child was to be a marine biologist, save the world, and in the fashion of her adrenaline junkie personality she of course wanted to swim with the sharks. She has created a website connected to this series and I’d love to see you check it out. It is an interactive website with soundtracks, a virtual tour, timelines, and even character interviews. I’m happy to have had the honor of doing this interview and writing it up for you to read.

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