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Interview with Dustin Freeman

Picture it: In a classroom with your fellow students, the words Creative Writing scribbled on the black board, and your teacher walking to each desk dropping off a photo for your assignment. He is next to you and hands a photo of an Asian woman with a lightning bolt tattoo over her eye, what can you do with this? If you’re Dustin, you make her the Captain of a Futuristic Starship where her and her best friend Theodore James Raymond ready the ship and set off on a new adventure. This was the moment Dustin knew he had to be a writer.

As a hobby, he can be found sipping his coffee while he enjoys spending time writing. Background noise can be heard while the wheels turn from mid-morning until late in the evening. Dustin’s writing focuses on an idea we may have all had at one point or another: What will the future look like and who will defend it? With a futuristic military setting, his options are limitless and inspired by Tom Clancy and Timothy Zahn.

Down time is important for all of us and many have different ideas of what down time is but Dustin can kick back and enjoy video games or be seen out in the world volunteering. He may not have any works published at the moment but you can’t say he’s not motivated with the four pieces he has in the works. Dustin’s books appeal to anyone and everyone who would enjoy reading of a futuristic military plot. He is invested in the plot of his stories and with his mom backing him up 100% he moves from the dream of being a police officer to entertaining those who look into the future.

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