Interview With Joanne Homer

At 52 years young, Joanne finally found a career she loves Even though she had not previously explored writing as a career, after writing her first book We’ll Always Have Paris, the writing bug struck and struck hard. She loved it so much so that she was determined to make a go of a writing career. She’s been obsessed since.

Her first book took 4 months to write due to her full time daily grind, but as an average she now spends about 3 months from start to publish to finish a work. With the general plot figured out when she starts a book, she only has to consider the “what comes next” portion of writing, and enjoys waking at 3:00 AM to work in the quiet of the early morning, making it easier to concentrate and work out the details of her work finishing approximately 3,000 words at a time.

Joanne’s inspiration comes from her own life, people from her past and present, and her Alex and Juliet trilogy is based on a true story. With her daughter by her side, encouraging her along the way and supporting her mother in all she does, Joanne is a force to be reckoned with in the writing world. You would never know she has come out of her shell, believing there never was a shell to begin with. She was once a very private person and has since learned to express herself openly for the world to see. Such an accomplishment and liberation for Joanne in her career and life.

Her dear friend Sue has also been a steady motivation and support in Joanne’s writing career. She loves Joanne’s work and encourages her when she is in doubt, motivates her when she is stuck and is no doubt her number one fan.

Of the books she’s written so far, Joanne’s favorite is the second of the trilogy called Juliet. With Juliet traveling quite a bit in this book, it’s fast paced and fans have said ” it’s your writing, the descriptions of places that takes us there. The little details, the way we feel we are Juliet, willing her on. The way you hold back and then reveal, we are held captivated.” This is an awesome description of the journey each reader goes on when indulging in Joanne’s work.

She admires all genres and is often found reading in her spare time. As well as reading, Joanne enjoys cooking and looks forward to spending quality time with her six children. Though four are adults now, she looks forward to the time spent with all of her children. Though still growing an audience for her work, her love and gardening and travel will be explored more as her following and her brand continue to grow.

Even though her daughter who is in her 20’s has enjoyed her writing, women of all ages would enjoy her work, appealing to women over 40. Joanne has many ideas floating around for her future work, even if it is still in the planning stages. She is guaranteed to have the audience laughing out loud and even being a little shocked while reading her work. Advertising always takes up a large chunk of time for indie writers, Joanne still finds the time to dedicate to her new found career.

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