Interview with multi-genre fantasy author A.R. Sara

A.R. Sara is a fantasy, adventure fable, adventure thriller, and short novella in romance author who has books for the young, the young adult, and the young at heart. Writing has always been a part of her and from an early age this part began to grow. ‘Writing is a state of mind I discovered when I was a kid, after learning to express in complete sentences. It is a mind-space I have loved to be in ever since.’ The pace and flow of her imagination dictates how long it takes to complete a project but with a fresh brewed cup of coffee, her children at school, and her creative juices flourishing, she takes to the stories in her mind.

With a supportive family, children, husband, parents, friends, and even cousins, A.R. Sara’s support system backs her every move. In fantasy fashion, her characters can be anything fanciful animals to the ordinary humans, vulnerable yet rising to the occasion. While enjoying nature and life all around, A.R Sara draws inspiration from all she experiences but Enid Blyton’s books left such an impression they tickled her fancy. Her only desire is to continue to share her work which provides a blissful existence only writing can do.

A.R. Sara may not be able to pinpoint a specific favorite among her work she does have a top three in mind. ‘The Crooked Crow’, ‘Nutcat the Wise’, and ‘Lorkum’s Quest’. She provides a combination of narrative, characters, and plot with the ability to move the readers, making her books peak the mind of her followers.

After being terrified by the movie “Alien” as a child, A.R. Sara’s dream of being an astronaut quickly became only a dream as she decided staying grounded and safe in the area of economics and accountancy. For a decade and half, she maintained a career in Information Technology, but writing had never left her heart. When she decided to take a break in her career, she dived head-first into the passion she had always had to become an author.

When asked about her followers feeling for her works she provided me with these lovely reviews: Nutcat the Wise” —-  “In all seriousness though, this is a high-quality family read, one that’ll stick around in your library until your kids are ready to pass it on to their own children!”


->  “Nutcat the Wise” —-  “I loved this very sweet, and well written, fable. It was lovely, and light, with a message that runs deep, that we don’t have to satisfy our cravings and desires at the cost of harming another living creature/thing.” –

The Crooked Crow” —-  “Such a wonderful break this was from all the adult books” –  

-> “Lorkum’s Quest” —-   “The book Lorkum’s Quest, written by AR Sara, is the wildest imagination a writer could put into words. It appealed to my whacky sensibilities immensely. I thrive on dark humour and sarcasm, and I found these in abundance in this book.” –

->  “Lorkum’s Quest” —- “Loved the Book. Suitable for all ages !” –

->  “Lorkum’s Quest” —-  “The quality of writing really absorbs your mind and captivates …”

->  “Thus She Spake:Creative Telling of Mythology”  Story Shiva’s Daughter:Ashoka Sundari —-  This daughter of Shiva and Parvati is like the power puff girls, full of sugar and spice with a hint of mischief (sweet innocence can hide rivalry, hmmm ). A magical read for all age groups and cultures !”  –

->   “Thus She Spake:Creative Telling of Mythology”  —- “Ashoka Sundari” by A.R. Sara is powerfully written, moving and engrossing.” – on Goodreads

->   “The Prank Call”  —-    “The author has expressed her thoughts beautifully with the sprinkles of love on it. The story is short, fast and lovely, filled with sweet and amazing twists and turns at every step.” –

->   “The Prank Call”  —-    “Amazing read !! This story is short, sweet and delivers a lot more than expected.” –

I expect in her next novel you may experience the continued wonder and enjoyment she has provided in the past.  Please keep up to date on her writing on her social media accounts and see what is next for this amazing author.

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