Interview with post apocalyptic, erotic, and action adventure author Rebecca Morman

It may be slow moving in North East Oklahoma where Rebecca hails from, her stories sure add some excitement. In 2017, she wrote her first novel, never planning to publish until her husband read it and encouraged her to move forward. Her first book 2 years to finish but the follow up only took 5 months, proving life circumstances and head space contribute highly to the time it takes to punch out the words.

As a mother of four boys, finding time to write can be a difficult task, but Rebecca finds the mornings after her husband leaves for work and before her children wake, to be the most peaceful quiet time to enjoy writing. Sitting next to an open window with classic movies ranging from old Stephen King to Gone with the Wind playing in the background, Rebecca enjoys a smoke while scribbling down her thoughts and ideas for her next piece of work.

Not being motivated by “Dazzling Scholars”, she finds her writing simple and available for anyone to understand. Though a true fear of the future can be detrimental to an author, the anxiety and overwhelming uneasiness soon leads to excitement for story telling in Rebecca’s work.

In a household full of love an adventure, Rebecca enjoys family time with her boys, husband and pets. She does enjoy reading as most writers do, but also takes a dive in the pool when the weather gets hot. Being an introvert seems to be a common ground for many of us writers and she is no different, though has to put this aside to work her day job as a cashier.

Rebecca finds support from her boys, husband, and most definitely her Facebook group: Fierce between the sheets.. of paper, she adores all of them and loves the support and love she receives from each and every one of them. After a difficult past of loss and eventual drug addiction due to the loss of a child, she soon found herself living a nightmare. As part of her recovery, she found using these lessons brought about her writing inspiration. Motivated to never relive the addiction and never forget her baby girl, she holds joy in every new experience both in writing and life.

Pursuing a writing career can not only take Rebecca out of the mundane work day as a cashier and leave a legacy behind for her children and future family to be proud of. Proving to herself she can do it is only icing on the cake. With two novels under her belt and too many to count poems, I would say Rebecca is well on her way to doing just that.

Rebecca and I share the belief our first work was the worst but we both adore them due to all the learning experiences they provided. On September 25th of this year, her new book will be released. I look forward to what it contains and following her career, leaving the cashier life behind and continuing on her path of authorship. When I asked about if she had a following and what their reaction to her work is she said, ” I DO!! It is amazing to say that, and it is humbling all at the same time. I have been told by the most amazing reader/fan/friend in the world that my debut was the best book that she has ever read. I have been told that my work is spicy and gets to all of your feelers at once.” I found this response to be touching and revealing. How amazing.

Her work is geared toward the adult reader due to the spicy nature filled with vulgarity and steamy sex scenes that both men and women can enjoy. Rebecca’s views on what makes a good story are authentic. Diving in full force, pouring your heart and soul into it, and never giving up on providing your readers a story they can relate to or fantasize about is what it’s all about.

Revenge and Love, the sequel to E.R.A., provides even more tear jerking, action packed, laughs. The book she plans to finish in 2020, Running For Her, will be a friendship turned love relationship escaping a brutal past. Rebecca does have some amazing works to her credit. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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