Interview with Self help guru and Poet: Deepshikha-Lighted Up Always.

Deepshikha-Lighted Up Always is not just a poet but also a self-help guru. As a child she found a fascinating world within stories both told and written. As the fascination grew she knew this was what she wanted to do. As her writing began to become more natural Deepshikha discovered not only was it an artistic form but an incredible form of expression that will inspire and touch those who read it for generations to come, making this her legacy.

 Depending on what Deepshikha writes determines the length of time she takes to write it. When writing self-help and poetry she is more motivated to complete a piece more thoroughly and at a faster pace than a news piece or other topics out of her comfort zone. As a free spirit time and place is not a determining factor in when  she enjoys writing nor does it warrant a need for a routine and specific items to write, but as she becomes acquainted with Microsoft word she tends to use less pen and paper for ease of submission and enjoys writing in the late evening to night.

Unlike many authors, Deepshikha exposes the qualities of daily life others tend to ignore or forget about all together making her poetry and self help intriguing and relatable. Inspiration comes from all areas of her life as she feels everything has beauty ‘if your mindset is positive’. Even outside of her writing, Deepshikha enjoys activities such as reading poetry, traveling, watching movies in the theatre, and photography, fueling her inspirations.

Her support system includes her mother, who proofreads her material and provides constant support, her teachers, and her husband. The words of encouragement touch Deepshikha’s heart and are inspiration enough.  With hopes of touching the hearts of the world, she writes to make an impact now and for generations to come with her poems being her favorite way to do this.

Deepshikha’s readers enjoy the relatability of her poems and self help drawing them to continue to enjoy her work. She stated that the simplicity of her writing makes her stand out, but I feel the way she connects to everyday life are the reason her readers continue to follow her. Mature adults between the ages of 25-50 are the audience who most enjoy Deepshikha’s work but if given the chance could encourage an emotional and inspirational change in any who read her work. Of this entire interview Deepshikha’s kind heart and understanding of what the world needs touch me the most and my favorite quote from this amazing author that stands out for me is, “I feel life is all about three magical words ‘NEVER GIVE UP’ so keep soaring high and embrace the blue sky.”

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