Interview with Victoria Graves: Author and poet

Victoria started her writing career early in life. At the age of 10 and in 4th grade, her class was assigned a poem about a tree. After the teacher reviewed Victoria’s submission, she encouraged her to continue writing. Reading has had a strong impact on Victoria, her mother was a lover of the written word, spending most of her time with her nose buried in a book. Now at 51 years old, Victoria is diving into the writing world with her first book, Dark Divide.

Though she works a full time job, Victoria spends her weekends working on her new book, usually between 5-10 hours a week. With work and all of the technological distractions, it can be difficult to find the quiet time to write. Though Victoria feels she is most productive in the mornings, she enjoys horror so much she finds herself writing at night as well. Though she may spend 5-10 hours a week doing the actual writing, she spends much more time in research.

Her story is about a legendary area in the Pacific North West. Though there are several legends about the area, Victoria will be the first to investigate them compiling a story about them. She may only be into her first chapter, she assures her readers, her first chapter will keep them turning the page. With her devotion to her work, she has learned as much as she can in the past several months about writing, building her confidence as she went.

Victoria and I have a favorite author in common, she is strongly influenced by Stephen King. She would categorize her current work as horror, possibly thriller/suspense but “mostly horror”. Though Victoria was encouraged to write as a child, her main reason for getting into writing was her amazement with Stephen King. She categorizes him as the “MASTER”. I tend to agree. She even said she’s looking forward to the new version of Pet Cemetery.

She doesn’t have any rituals to her writing, though she feels they will grow as she continues to write. Though she hopes her quirks are not too many as time goes by, right now she’s deeply enjoying her writing and has not established anything in particular that she must do to write.

On a more personal not about Victoria, she loves spending time with her husband and black lab, Chase. Originally from Philadelphia, she is a huge sports fan, mostly of baseball and football. As she gets older she “Really likes to keep it simple” hanging out with those she loves. Jon, Victoria’s husband, her best friend Vicki, as well as a good friend who is also a writer, are her biggest support system. Though Victoria is shy in person, when it comes to writing she is free. She finds it easier to reach out and interact with her writing.

In the fall Victoria plans to begin using social media outlets to connect to her readers, she also has a Facebook page. Her target audience is the horror/thriller/scary publication readers, between the ages of 25-55. Her main character and her share the same age. I am truly looking forward to hearing more from Victoria in the future.

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