Ladies and Gents The Gig Is Up

Yes this is me! I have had to use a pen name all of this time due to some threats made upon me and my family. I have since moved and blocked the people threatening us and hope that is good enough for now. If I find I need additional protection I will be adding it as needed. I have to admit two pitbulls and a wicked little ankle bitter that would tear out your throat are pretty good protection for now. My book is now available on kindle and amazon. If you have amazon prime it’s a free read. Also in December, I am not sure of the dates I think it starts around the 13th but I’m running a five day promotion for both the paperback and kindle edition.

I really enjoyed writing this book and it took me forever to edit it BUT it was well worth it. I had many struggles with this book and almost ditched it all together because I had not one but TWO publishing companies that were not legit. If you find the other version under Elizabeth STevens on Amazon please DO NOT purchase this, not only does it take longer than two months to be delivered, it has not been edited and I see NO proceeds from the book. The cover is different and it’s under Elizabeth Stevens. IT was supposed to be removed over two weeks ago but yesterday was still on amazon. So that’s just a little heads up.

I do hope you look into the book. As much as I would like the higher pay of selling the paperbacks I would suggest getting the kindle of you have access to read it that way just to see if you like it. Then if you do hey maybe you will buy the paperback for yourself or someone else but even if you don’t you will have read something that I hope you enjoy. If you get it either way please leave feedback. I’d love to know what you thought of it. You can do that either here or on Amazon. Thanks a million guys.

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