Interview with multi-genre fantasy author A.R. Sara

A.R. Sara is a fantasy, adventure fable, adventure thriller, and short novella in romance author who has books for the young, the young adult, and the young at heart. Writing has always been a part of her and from an early age this part began to grow. ‘Writing is a state of mind I discovered... Continue Reading →

Interviews And More

Due to medical conditions many of you have noticed my writing has become less frequent. I do apologize. I have been feeling a little better the past few days and have taken the opportunity to update my page a bit and include some incredible interviews. I do hope you check them out and enjoy what... Continue Reading →

For The Love Of Fall

The weather cools and the leaves begin to change. My favorite time of year. With the new colors and crispy leaves a bonfire is soon to be lit. Seated around said fire, stories of ghosts and goblins fill the air. Music can be heard in the distance and sweaters and blankets comfort those in the... Continue Reading →

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