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Older Book Reviews and Classic Movie Reviews:

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Bag of Bones: Stephen King

This book is a gripping tell of an older man mourning his wife. He meets a young woman and her son, deep in their own troubles. He is determined to help them as his love for each grows. The horrific things they soon experience on their journey jump off the page. It has all of Stephen King’s style encouraging his readers to imagine the characters as he writes it. Giving detailed imagery, you can place yourself in the character’s lives giving you chills and terror as you flip through the pages. I bought this book, expecting the usual Stephen King stories, but there is nothing usual about this book. His style and skills shine through as the story twists and turns, giving the horror fan a ride on the horror train. Below is listed an amazon page where you can read reviews and purchase the book for yourself to experience Stephen King’s work.

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Airliner Down

by John Etzil

This book is a gripping thriller, questioning what would you do if you were in this position. It brings you to the edge of your seat, driving a page turning night. I didn’t want to put this book down. My full attention was drawn to each new line, giving thrill after thrill as I continued through my reading journey. I would definitely recommend. Again, due to my love for amazon, I’ve posted the amazon link for you to check out the reviews, a preview, and to purchase this book if you find it as interesting as I do.

Movie Reviews:

For every genre, I have several favorite movies. Shockingly, my all-time favorite two movies are not in my favorite genre. Both are old movies.

  1. Wizard of Oz- now as a kid, I found this movie fascinating. When I was a kid, we did not have cable, but every summer they would play the Wizard of Oz on one of the basic channels we got with our wire antenna covered in aluminum foil, on our black and white television. Yes, I’m that old. The entire movie captivated me. I never missed it when it came on each summer. Then came color television. The first time I saw this movie in color, having not known it started in black and white and finishing in color, I was shocked and pleasantly surprised at the wonderful colors and mixtures in Munchkin Land. This pleasant, sense overload, was exactly what the movie needed. I watched with eyes glued to the television. Today I still watch this movie often, more often than my husband would like, but hey, what can I say. The movie captivates me still. Though most people know this movie, this link is a wonderful one to check out.
  2. White Christmas with Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby- This movie is also musical and a beautiful depiction of love, and devotion to those important in our lives. With the many musical numbers and dance scenes its easy to get caught up in the story as well as finding yourself singing along. The costumes are beautiful, the story is touching, and the music is catchy. This movie, though a favorite of my mother’s and I never watched it with my grandmother, who has long ago passed away, makes me think of her. The movie was from her time and my own mother has always told me about my grandmother’s enjoyment of this movie even giving reasons why. This is a beautiful movie and well worth the time to watch it. You will be drawn in early on.

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