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Summer Crawfish

Though much of the wildlife you see, can be seen year round, we see a few in the summer that I enjoy. In any stream, creek, or river in this area, you can walk in the shallow parts and start flipping over stones. If you are lucky, you will find a crayfish. Now many enjoy eating these in various ways and catch them for that purpose, I just can’t force myself to do it. As a child, this was my favorite activity. The thrill of finding, chasing, and catching those little creatures all without getting clamped by their tiny little claws. They take advantage of the musty water during the flipping of the stones. You have to do it slowly and carefully or the mud and dirt under water will give the little fish an easy escape. This makes catching the crazy, fast things, all that much harder. Not to harm them, when you catch them the only place to pick them up is behind the arms that hold the claws. This also ensures you will not get chomped on. I used to love catching these little critters, spending hours to catch just one, only to hold it for a minute then release it and catch the next one, hopefully a bigger one.

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