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My work in progress is a horrifying look into the love of religion and how that can quickly turn into a dangerous obsession. Religion vs. Cult, this horror story dives into how easily a young impressionable girl, who loved her religion, family, and life, can turn these things into a mission to turn other’s to God, at all costs. Faith, Religion, Family, Horror, And Murder, are filling the pages as I continue to work on this unusual horror story. As we have seen cults through the ages, the question remains, what drives a cult leader to become so obsessed and dangerous. This story drives you into the life of a young girl and her journey into becoming a cult leader.

In the dark, Jane watched as the unmarried couple fondled each other inappropriately, before searching for their keys and opening the door to their home. Noticing that the couples’ obsession with the sexual tension between them, they had failed to lock up after entering the residence. Should she explain to them how their behavior and living situation would lead them straight to hell? Surely, they were not aware of the sins they were committing. They would have to be taught the ways of the lord and savior Jesus Christ. It was late in the evening, but Jesus didn’t put a time restriction on when we should learn about Christianity nor about teaching it. After this couple heard Jane’s understanding of Christianity and all the wonderful things that Heaven holds, they would be grateful for the lesson. Jane was strong in faith and walked boldly to the front door, not caring who saw her or what they may think. Her goal was a pure one. Salvation.

Update: I’ve finished chapter 3 and though I have an outline set up, my 3 rd chapter took a turn I had not expected. With that, I’ve found the only way to connect chapter 3 with chapter 4, I have to change chapter 4 to 5 and make chapter 4 an intro and back story of a few new characters. It took me forever to finally come to this decision. I had to ask for help as I was truly stuck. It took fresh eyes to see what was right in front of me. Even though I have started my old chapter 4 I will start it over with the new character’s being introduced. Wish me luck and I will continue to keep you all posted. Have a wonderful, frightful day.

Night Terror: Coming Soon

Samantha is a typical teen loner. Her world is flipped upside down when her night terrors begin to cross over from dream to reality. After suffering these night terrors since childhood, it’s a shocking revelation when they become reality. She must fight the evil Areobasks while keeping her sanity and learning who she can trust. Her brother and her must fight to save the world from the horrors of these creatures against all odds and only equipped with their faith. Will she survive being a pregnant teen, in a single parent home, while fighting the wicked Areobasks, to provide a safe future for her unborn child, who holds the destiny of the entire world’s future?

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