Hello my lovely readers. My name is Elizabeth Stevens and though new to blogging, I’ve been writing for many years. I’m a 44 years old, wife, mother, and writer. I work taking care of handi-capable individuals of varying age, and I love it. I’ve worked as a C.N.A. and home health care giver. I’ve enjoyed all of the work I’ve done and it has all taught me a lot. As a child, I often found myself scribbling down pictures, as most children do. Crayons were my favorite play thing. This continued into adulthood. I even have an associates degree in fine art. It wasn’t until high school that I found my passion for writing.

In elementary school, I struggled with maintaining friendships and often found myself struggling in school, especially when I had to read. Reading was difficult for me to grasp. I even remember cheating in first grade to pass a test. Boy did I hate it. Worse still, reading aloud. Oh boy, talk about an instant anxiety attack, yes I had those even as a young child. I would stammer on my words and get red in the face when forced to stand before the class and present a project or do any type of reading. I would hunker down when a teacher was to call on a student to participate. I’d rather sink in a hole and die.

As I began getting older, school continued to be a problem due to my anxiety of performance, and my struggle with reading, that is until I hit 8th grade. The wonderful year of my 8th grade, I began being taught about Greek mythology. Did I ever love it. Soon, without even realizing it, I was falling in love with the written word. We had papers to do, books to read, and mythology to study. I excelled, far beyond the other students in class. Soon I was reading everything I could get my hands on dealing with the subject.

My father, who was a major advocate for reading, took me to Barnes and Nobles to get my first book. I was older, maybe 13 years old. I remember the day clearly. Though I had a new found love for Greek mythology, I couldn’t find much that I hadn’t already read. I scanned the book shelves for anything that caught my eye. After searching for a long time, I found it. Dee Snider’s Teenage Survival Guide: Dee Snider, Philip Bashe: 9780385238991: Amazon.com: Books. This book changed my reading interest. I began reading it and found myself unable to put it down. I laughed and cried as I turned each page. It was amazing.

I did not consider writing anything, no journals, no poems, nothing. I did find that I loved reading. As I explored the written word, I tried many genre’s and authors. Amazingly enough, I did not read what any of the books I picked up were about, what the author was like, or what the genre was. Instead, I looked at the cover. If the cover drew my attention it was mine. In no time, I found my love of horror books. Of course, that brought me to Stephen King.

Now I do remember the first book ever bought for me, I can not recall my first Stephen King book. This is probably due to the fact I’ve read so many of them. I do have my favorites, and learned a lot reading his work. This lead me to another favorite in the genre, Dean Koontz. Again, I’ve read MANY of his books and still to this day am exploring both of the authors works.

Time passed and life continued as it does. School, friends, chores, dances, football games, and the general life of a teenager. When I hit 10th grade, I was finding a difficult time figuring out my what to take for my electives, I was presented with the option of a journalism course. I signed up out of curiosity. My very first assignment in the course, writing an article on gun control. I found it interesting though I had no stand on the subject being so young. Come on now, how does that concern a teenage girl?

I wrote my article and they were all submitted to a national competition. It was the Ben Franklin competition. I hadn’t thought much of it as I continued in the course, doing assignments as given. A few weeks later, our teacher had an announcement. One of the students had won 2nd place in the national writing competition. The winner is…. Elizabeth Stevens. Wow, I was shocked. I had won 2nd place in a National Competition of writers. I could not believe it. Though there were no other journalism courses available through my high school career, I never forgot that moment.

I began writing poetry, too nervous to ever submit them to any publications, I didn’t care. I was writing and loving every minute of it. Stacks and stacks of notebooks, filled with all types of poetry, surrounded my bedroom. The writing bug took over. As I continued to explore the written word, the thrill of writing grew. In no time, I was trying my hand at other types of writing. Romance, erotica, thrillers, mysteries, suspense, horror. Horror, oh my love, I long to be with you. I’ve written a young adult horror, which is now being submitted to agents, will be the first of a series. I truly enjoyed writing that book. Now, though I have two more books for the series to write, I’m obsessed with my new work! The rest my dear, is history.

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