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Obstacles obstacles and more obstacles

The past two weeks, I’ve been overcome with writing obstacles. When I first started writing my work in progress, I was on a roll. I wrote roughly 5000 words a day. I decided to take a short break to relieve some of the tension building up while writing. I was barely eating and hardly sleeping, I needed a break. After my second day of the break, I began being flooded with several other ideas for future works. Not a problem, right? Wrong! This got to be so much that I could not work on my current work. I was unable to concentrate on it at all. Every time I would get on the computer to start writing, these ideas would bombard me, not allowing anytime for anything else. It took roughly two weeks to finally figure out how to deal with it. I started writing down the ideas I was having. After doing this, only two ideas seemed feasible for future works. I expanded on these ideas only slightly. I didn’t even write out an outline, only the idea of the story. I finally got on my computer, and started writing again. It has only been  two pages at a time, which is a far cry from where I was when I started, but it’s progress, and all progress is good. As for the intruding thoughts, well when I get more info I want to add to the new works, I add them to the general ideas of them then move on. Boy has the past two weeks been a frustrating learning experience.

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