Plans for my Future in Writing and Life

Health conditions have prevented me from putting much time into my writing. I simply can’t sit at the computer long enough to do much of anything. I do work on details needed to write my current story in a notebook but other than that I’m limited. I have recently set a schedule to balance school and writing time on the computer. I have three days a week for writing and three days a week for school work. This leaves lay over on days I have less of one I can pick up on the other. I want to get more involved in my writing and am missing it terribly. It’s a release for me and I’m longing for that.

In my academic life I’m close to completing my Bachelor’s degree and am excited about this accomplishment. This only brings me half way through my academic career but is a good start. After finishing school in June, I plan to be enrolled in my Master’s program for the fall term beginning in August. I’m terribly nervous about this. It will be full of writing intensive classes and a larger time commitment. The specialization of the degree will focus not only in counseling but in art therapy as well. I do have an art degree and would love to heal others using that knowledge.

Separating dreams from possibilities can be difficult. I have a solid plan to make my dreams a reality. As I continue to move on with my academics and therapy related career, I will continue to write. I refuse to put my writing away to be forgotten about for years to come. I have too many ideas to get out on paper. If not I may I lose thought of all else due to lack of space left for any memory other than writing ideas. 😀 They are overflowing.

I love to write and I love psychology. Becoming a therapist and continuing to write are my dreams I intend to make true. I’m completely aware that to work in the psychology field I may have to move out of my area but with writing that’s quite alright. I can write anywhere, whenever I like. I look forward to each new day that brings new and exciting accomplishments bringing me closer to my goals.

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