Trouble and Torment

Well I’ve met another challenge as an author. I have been working on a book a few months now. I started hot and heavy with this work and couldn’t stop writing. I took off for about a week and things began to slow down. When I realized my word count was going to be extremely high (more than double that of a no name horror writer) I began cutting out a lot of the story. Now don’t get me wrong it still makes sense, but as I did this I started losing my passion for this story and started questioning just about everything about it. Since I started writing the story I’ve not questioned a thing about it. I knew exactly where I wanted it to go and how it was going to get there. Now I’m questioning the entire thing. I love the characters but that’s about it. This project is no longer exciting to me and worse yet, is a down right struggle to force myself to work on it. I’m honestly not sure how to proceed. I don’t know if I should put it away and work on something else or if I should start messing with it now. I’m also tempted to scrap the entire thing and work on something else. I can’t help but wonder how many other writers go through this and how they handle it.

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