What a Rainy Day Means To Me

When we bought this house there was an air conditioner built into the wall leading to outside. It is not central air but an old time a.c. Before moving in, the single floor home would prove to need a roof. We decided on a metal roof put on by the Amish in a neighboring community. It was finished in a day. With no attic and only a crawl space, there is little room between our ceiling and the metal roof. These two characteristics of our home send a sweet and soothing sound through out the house when the rain comes.

Tinker Tinker on the a.c. The sounds of rain pitter pattering on the roof. I will quickly turn off the fan’s, a.c. in the window, and the T.V. to hear the soft drops meeting metal. Thunder only brings a larger smile to my face. I often sit silently just listening not wanting any distractions from the sounds I’m enjoying. No books, No T.V., No music, No distractions, you can and will find me with the door opened and silence in my home during a storm, silence with the exception of the storm brewing outside.

I know rain isn’t only in the summer, but my favorite rains are. They are filled with exciting waves of thunder and crashes of lightening. Wonder of the sky above and amazement of the survival within all life outside of protection. I sit in the echoing of my home all while the world around me gets beaten with small drops of water.

I’ve always loved the rain and was never afraid of the thunder, even when storms would knock out the power leaving me vulnerable to what creeps in the dark. Many times I would enjoy long walks in the late evening through the rain drenching me to my very bones. What other’s did not see was the rain cleansing my soul of all pain and destruction. The rain is truly beautiful.

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