What to do if you had a millions of dollars

I remember as a child a million dollars was nearly incomprehensible, now not so much. In my younger years having that much money would mean you were set for life, now you could upgrade on the necessities in life but only reasonably if you want to hold on to them after the million quickly diminishes. As a child my dream of what to do with a million dollars was extravagant. I wanted to buy big houses for me and every one in my family, followed by cars for each of us. That would have been enough to set up my family for life. Now a million dollars may indeed by homes in the suburbs for me and my husband to enjoy, pay off my in-laws home, fix my mother’s home, pay off our car, maybe get a car a little better than a junker car, and attempt to pay off most of our student debt. Yes, student debt. They say an education is priceless when in fact it comes with a hefty bill attached. Finishing my Bachelors degree I will be looking at around 50k in debt, add in my husbands Bachelors and we are up to 100k, now for me to continue on with my minimum requirement of a Master’s degree I can pin on an additional 50k even though it’s only two more years. Continuing on to a PhD I can’t even imagine the cost. I suppose catching up on debt and living debt free is the new American dream. With a million dollars, yes I could get the necessities of life for myself and family but the biggest chunk would be applied to the inevitable debt that comes with education.

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