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Alethea Avery: Author Interview of Many Genres

Alethea Avery began her career in the writing field not as a writer, nor did she have any desire to be, but as a film student with the desire to direct. In college she dreaded her writing courses, but as she became immersed in the class and learned from her incredible instructor, she realized that she enjoyed the story telling aspects of filmmaking more than actual production. In university, many of her screenplays were picked up for production by her classmates and she began to enjoy helping others craft their stories as well as create her own. 

Alethea has an impressive repertoire in most forms of writing; from screenplays, to short stories, to journalism and now, novels. Her Madame Calypso series are near and dear to her heart, feeling that it is a story the world needs to hear, as the historical portrayal and importance of female pirate captains has been downplayed throughout the ages. Writing the series has been the most labor-intensive work she’s ever done. Alethea loves when her readers enjoy her stories but is most impressed when her male readers take a liking to her characters. She’s even had male fans drunk call to tell her how much they love the series main characters. This is the best compliment because she hopes her writing can appeal to both men and women, but wishes there was more interest in men to read stories about female characters.

Most of her writing focuses women who step out of the box. She enjoys strong female characters that shock and awe her readers. Her stories are often filled with blood, violence, and even vomit. Her characters often live outside the community standard, which adds a nice twist to her works. Alethea constantly finds inspiration in history, reality, and ancient folklore. She believes that reality is often stranger and more fascinating than fiction. If something she writes appears dark, the real inspiration for the situation was probably worse. She likes stories that are unpredictable, and it is something that she strives for in her writing. She also believes that not all ‘good’ characters are likeable. Experiencing the adventures, thoughts, and feelings of a not so ‘good’ character can open a reader to a new frame of mind or perspective. In an unlikely combination, her next novel will be a mix of romance, horror, and mermaids. But don’t expect the normal fall in love, singing, fish-type women, oh no these mermaids simply do not fit that stereotype.

On average, Alethea can write a story in about a month or two, but perfecting them tends to take much longer. Madame Calypso, Part 1 & 2 took her approximately a year to complete because of the research and detail put into correctly portraying life in the early 1700s. Alethea enjoyed learning about the time period and was fascinated by new facts every day, making the writing process much more enjoyable. On her days off, she loves going to a quiet coffee shop spending the afternoon writing, but with the heavy work and grad school schedule, she finds her best writing usually done between10 pm and 3 am. A portion of Madame Calypso was even crafted on the train commute to and from work. 

When she’s not writing, being busy with multiple jobs, her online shop: , fostering rescue cats, and her desire to finish her graduate degree, bring fulfillment to Alethea’s life. Alethea is motivated and encouraged by authors who came from humble backgrounds and made it big. She thrives on the expansion of each genre. The same old stories simply won’t do. Alethea admits she was tired of seeing the same stories time and again and wanted to create something different as opposed to the ‘digestible crap’ that is currently floods the market.

Her love of all things horror prompted the name Lady Lovesblood on social media. If you’d like to follow Alethea, please click the links provided:

You can also find her on @Lady_Lovesblood

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