Dare I say it? Fall is here.

OK, here it is. My favorite time of year! Fall is here. OK OK I’m jumping the gun slightly. It could be said fall is still weeks away, but how can I possibly wait that long? On three different occasions I’ve enjoyed the comfort of sweat pants. Granted I had to wear a tank top to prevent sweating until my death but the comfort of the sweats was well worth it. I still have my A.C. blowing full force but I dream of sweatshirts and sweat pants that can be worn on the regular.

Many people, especially women look forward to the comfy cozy sweaters and boots to match in the fall and winter season. I’m much more interested in the comfort and security of sweats and all they entail. A pair of super soft over sized sweats are my comfort zone. I can imagine nothing more appealing that the chill in the air, wrapped in sweats, toes covered in shin high fuzzy socks, over sized slippers, writing in front of the computer. Cuddled and cozy with hot chocolate mixed with coffee of course, true bon-fires in the crisp air, the most beautiful colors lighting up the trees, and Halloween creeping closer and closer. How can I not be attracted to such a time of year?

Did I paint an accurate picture of myself in the wonderful season of Fall? You can bet your ass I did. Except for those dreadful moments I have to head off to the day to day grind, you can catch me in all my glory snuggled and comfortable in the above attire. You would think that with Christmas being my favorite holiday and Halloween only coming in at number 2 that I would be a winter fan but not this girl, I’m all about fall. Now is the time I start searching for my ideal Halloween costume or makeup as it were. I watch video after video of makeup ideas for Halloween. I’m obsessed.

I hate to break it to you all BUT pumpkin spice has NOTHING to do with my love for fall. I absolutely despise pumpkin spice unless it’s within pumpkin pie and even that can only be taken in small doses. I’m sure I will be getting a lot of negative feedback on that one but honesty is my middle name. Basically pumpkin spice can bite me.

Now back to my fall obsession. I said that the drive-in was one of the few things that I enjoy about summer but alas it’s not limited to summer and I prefer the fall showings. My drive-in has a movie marathon of old B movie horror flicks that lasts an entire weekend. You can camp for the whole weekend and are even graced with breakfast for your willingness to tough it out camping in their parking spaces of the drive-in. This usually happens in the end of September to early October. I can NOT wait.

In mentioning my love of all things fall we can’t leave out the views of fall. I may have mentioned I live in the mountains of northern Pennsylvania, right out side the national forest. With this I am able to access the fire tower and many hiking trails of all skill levels. Though I enjoy a good hike, the fire tower is where I want to be in fall. You can see for miles the stunning colors fall brings with her. Though I could go on and on about my love of fall, I’m going to limit this entry as I’m sure there will be many more to come during this season.

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