Junk Journal Release

If you don’t know what a junk journal is I encourage you to explore these incredible crafts. Everything about these journals are hand made, created by the ones enjoying the hobby. There are pockets, envelops, and decorations all through these wonderful little notebooks. The cover is one you design. The theme is one you choose, if you decide to keep it one theme. Each and every thing within is made my it’s maker.

I spent 5 hours today working on this mix of scrap book, journal, photo album, and scratch pad and I’m still not done. Not because they take forever to make but because I’m making and adding all kinds of cool things. I have pockets, envelops and hidden treasures I’m making and adding to every single page. Generally I leave some pages blank but not this time. It’s been too long since the last one I made and I’m going crazy decorating it.

I had premade many envelopes but due to my obsession I didn’t even have half the ones I need. I made a few tonight but have many many more to create. Using old magazines, newspapers, ads, and just about anything else I can get my hands on a while new world comes to life. I finished the inside cover but will add several things I’m sure to add to the front cover. When I started I believed the cover to be perfect but as I fill the pages the cover simply won’t do. It needs some life added to it.

Enjoying one of my many crafts calms me and decompresses my always running mind. Taking time to do something I enjoy with no deadline and no worries about what anyone may think of it is soothing to the soul. Every single second creating no matter what it is is a second week spent.

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