Long Writing Sessions: how to keep focused

I tend to over do it when I'm in my writing zone. I will unknowingly spend 16 hours in front of a computer typing my next lines in my story. This does not mean I've not had many distractions along the way and a wander of the mind. This also does not mean the pull... Continue Reading →

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Longing for a Simpler Time

I remember as a child waiting impatiently at best for school to be over and summer vacation to begin. Remember, this was before cell phones, social media, Netflix, and for me even cable. What summer meant for me was exploration, bike riding, walks, running contests with the neighbors, listening to my boom box plugged into... Continue Reading →

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Interview with Young Adult Novelist Kathy Martin

At a young age Kathy knew she loved the written word. Becoming a teacher allowed her to share her love for reading with her students and as she retired she wanted more. Coming up on retirement she realized she could continue teaching her students and encourage reading if she began writing young adult stories. It... Continue Reading →

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Flowers in the garden

I adore the homes with flowers scattered along their property. The beauty these create and the warmth they provide is endearing. They remind me of fairy tales and ginger bread houses. The colors are stunning and bring any property to life. If only I had a green thumb, but wait, here are a few flowers... Continue Reading →

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Morning Inspirations

I woke early this morning and before my eyes were open, I was clicking my computer to on. I went about getting my coffee and setting up my writing station as I waited for all the updates that accompany my morning start up. As I sat here waiting, I began thinking of all the authors... Continue Reading →

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Let’s take a walk

I mentioned in my page about me that I love nature. The forest especially holds a dear place in my heart. I love the large boulder's placed on mountain tops, The very old trees with trunks larger than I can wrap my arms around, when the river is shallow enough to walk across or deep... Continue Reading →

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The Wuzzles: Nostalgia sets in

Everyone remembers at least one childhood toy that they couldn't get enough of whether it be a teddy bear or toy truck, it could be anything in between. Of course this toy or stuffed animal would accompany us everywhere we went or would faithfully lay beside us as we slept. It was our most prized... Continue Reading →

Prayer and Meditation

In any religion or spiritual journey the lessons of quiet time to grow closer with yourself and the spirit in which you believe is of the utmost importance. I have found that some religions see another's way or name of getting closer to their spirit as evil but really... it's all the same. You sit... Continue Reading →

A Psychological Look At V

As an avid movie junkie and psych student this paper has been the most fun I've had in school. I really enjoyed doing a psych eval on a fictitious character from a movie I absolutely adore. The following is the evaluation for V for Vendetta's main character. My clients name is V. He’s a 35... Continue Reading →

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