How to make cold porcelain clay

This recipe does not require cooking or the dreaded wait time of 24 hours to start playing with your clay.


1 & 1/2 Cup of corn starch or corn flour

School glue such as elmers. I used generic from the dollar tree

1 TBS of white vinegar

1 TBS of cooking oil or baby oil. I’ve used both and they both turn out exactly the same

1 tsp of lotion Body lotion of any kind will work here.

You probably have the vinegar and oil already but if you don’t then just add a few bucks to the total. I bought everything to make several of these recipes and it cost me $1 for the corn starch ( I used corn flour because it is what was available at dollar tree. It’s a small bag but you can get 2 and 1/2 recipes or more out of the little bag) School glue (generic at dollar tree) is 8 oz for a dollar. I bought four. Vinegar, again this depends on how big a container and where you buy it I had some so I didn’t need to add this to my budget. Baby oil is $1 at dollar tree. If you choose cooking oil the price will depend on where you get it and how big a container you get. I’ve not tried butter or shortening so I have no idea if you can substitute for the oil. Lastly, lotion. This is definitely something you can get from dollar tree. So add another dollar. If you want to use paint to color your clay and don’t have any at home you can get a kids watercolor set at dollar tree or they may have food coloring but I’m not sure. I used both to color my clay as well as acrylic paint. I prefer the food coloring because it’s such a small amount you need but the paints you can get different colors without having to mix them thoroughly in the clay. Total if you buy dollar tree items: $4 to make a minimum of 2 batches plus whatever the vinegar is if you don’t already have some. EXTRAS: baggies and plastic wrap for storage. Both available at dollar tree.

This clay does not require a microwave nor a stove. This was a big selling point for me because the first recipe I made was microwave which I absolutely hated. This recipe also does not require the dreaded day set time. That is incredible because I know when we made the first batch the wait time nearly killed us.


Get a metal bowl preferably but any will do that you will not be using for cooking and a spatula, not one you flip eggs with but the ones that look like you are spreading icing with. Again this is not to be used with food so label these and keep them stored elsewhere.

Mix the ingredients in your bowl. Do this until the clay is not lumpy and it will take a few minutes, looking like a mess of stickiness but trust me it will work out.

When you get to a smooth consistency lay corn starch on your working area to cover the surface. This is important because the clay mixture will be more moist than you need and extra sticky. Kneed the clay onto the starch adding more as you go if needed. I ended up adding a pretty good amount to make the clay thicker and useable. It should be smooth and flexible when you are done but solid enough to work with it. This is air dry clay so to store it you must wrap in plastic wrap then put the wrapped clay in a sealed baggy. That’s it your clay is ready to work with.


To color your clay make small balls out of the clay you want colored. Add the color of your choice in very small increments because you need very little to achieve a nice color. I used food coloring the first time and one or two drops was all I needed. Knead the clay to mix the color and separate into different baggies when you are done. That’s it, your clay is ready to play with. When you are done creating your masterpiece set it somewhere it won’t get disturbed to dry. The dry time varies depending on how thick the stuff is you create. There are millions of videos on YouTube to give you ideas of things to make and how to make them. Have fun!

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