Fantasy/Realistic Fiction Author Naela Hurst Shares Time in this Interview

At 16 Naela discovered she wanted to become a writer and at the young age of 21 published her first book. She can write up a story in not time. Sometimes taking a few days or a few months, she can get her story out in the time it takes to let the story flow. Though she has no favorite time to write she is often inspired late at night or in the wee hours of the morning.

Her stories may be fantasy but she likes to include the goal of saving nature and the world and gets her motivation from everything around her. Naela truly is an artistic soul. She enjoys acting, singing, dancing, modeling, and the time honored past time of baking. She has her time well accounted for while she enjoys her non writing activities and still has had the time to write 9 books 5 of which have been published.

While her friends and family support her writing her fans say that the stories should come with finger puppets because their children love her stories. The stories are geared toward parents and teachers but it is thrilling for her that children enjoy the stories as well. She takes her time and builds up her characters as she feels this is the most important aspect of writing a good story.

Though she wanted to be an artist as a child, she didn’t stray to far from her childhood dream in becoming a writer and continuing her dream of creating something amazing for the world to enjoy. Naela has two books from a series coming out by or before October of this year and two more coming out in 2020. I would like to add to this interview Naela has added a link to her work. Quoted she said, “To find my, ‘Magic Every Month’ series, go to, check out the shirts i’ve designed at , and write a review on!” 

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