Dear Followers: I love you all, here are the reasons why

I started this blog almost two months ago and I was welcomed to the WordPress family with open arms. I have enjoyed the comments and positive feedback many have left and am shocked each time my views and followers list grow.

You the followers are my inspiration to write. My ideas for posts grow from not only other authors but also my followers. True inspiration is rare but alas you provide it.

I appreciate the fact that even when I’ve been ill, I’ve still had steady visits from those who check out my blog. I’ve not posted many articles in the past two and a half weeks due to illness but you’ve stuck by me. It’s nice especially since online it’s easy to lose followers when you aren’t active but you guys are still here. I appreciate it so much.

I can only hope that I entertain those that read my blog. I hope that there is inspiration in a few of my blog posts, and I hope that my readers learn about new authors from my interviews. I try to keep it real and share things that mean a lot to me or times in my life that made an impact one way or another. It’s nice to see the appreciation for the time I put into the posts. Thank you all.

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