Don’t Look At My Search History: Research gone a muck

I have notepads, sticky notes, pens, pencils, and my search engine open with so many tabs you can’t see what each one opens. Research is a physically visible madness. But there is a method to my madness. If you click on search history you will find things like serial killers, cult leaders, how to start a cult, why serial killers step over that line to start killing, weapons usage and effectiveness, semi automatic weapons, poisons, witch craft, murder and motivation, and the list goes on. Can you imagine what someone would think if they opened my search and saw this? I can imagine a B line straight for the door so fast the person would only be a blur followed by a visit by the FBI or Homeland security.

Now yes, my search history is crazy and my research area is even more so, but with each little tab there is information to look up. On each sticky note I have ideas to be explored and researched to fit in with different stories. With each notepad I write the subject I’ve researched, the results of the search, and where I’ve gotten the research from. Each tab holds my research results and multiple aspects of each thing I’ve researched. Finally my writing folder where I put it all together. I generally keep the notebooks and save the tabs in my research. I only get rid of the stick pads when I’ve satisfactorily explored and researched the possible ideas for my current work or even future work ideas. The rest of my crazy research information that could easily put me up for some kind of investigation or at the minimum some kind of psychological monitoring and testing is saved on my computer under the book marks.

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