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The great unknown: A journey through lymphoma testing and diagnosis

This is the title for my work in progress. I’ve included the first couple of entries. This is what to expect from my work as I continue my journey. If I receive a cancer diagnosis or if it leads me to new doctors with more testing I will be writing more books like this. When ANY type of diagnosis is finally made I will write a full novel based on the diagnosis, and my journey through treatment.

This is my daily journal as I go through cancer testing, what led up to it and everything I have gone through while trying to figure out what is wrong with me.  I did not start journaling early on so the first few entries are me trying my best to capture how I was feeling and what was going on in the beginning of this whole experience.  It may not be as exact as I would have liked it to be but after the first few entries the accuracy is much better.

Let us start this off right: I want to include in every entry my daily gratitude list.  I will make these three things each entry that I am grateful for but beware some of them may be silly or downright dumb.  It is so important even on difficult days to find things to be grateful for.  @StoneyD from twitter gave me this idea and it is such a promising and positive idea I have included it here.  Prior to all my testing, I have had days that have been terrible and have included things as stupid as getting my rechargeable toothbrush are important to recognize.  LOL so nothing is too stupid to include in your gratitude list.

I encourage you to journal as well if you reach this point in your medical exploration.  Remember to include your daily gratitude and if three is too many do 1 or 2.

Daily gratitude:

  1. The love and support of my partner in crime, Steve Roberts
  2. The courage to challenge my asshole Dr.’s ignorant and unprofessional manner
  3. The satisfaction of progress in searching out answers

These are the types of entries you can expect in my work. I hope you enjoy the sneak peek and will check it out when it’s ready. Love you guys

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