Interview With Rose Mapel: Artist and Author

As an Indie Non-fiction writer Rose currently has a 3 book series on barn quilting. This is the process of painting an outdoor piece that commonly resembles a single square quilt. This is a growing trend that often brings tourism to smaller communities. is the amazon link and is the link to her store. I strongly suggest checking one or both out. On top of these e-books, Rose is also hoping to write a children’s book inspired by a small white dog she rescued. The need for explanation and pointers motivated Rose to write the e-book series and had never considered writing prior to it.

While working on her commissions and workshops revolving around barn quilts, Rose does not have a lot of time to work on her writing but will be available in paper form in a few weeks. While drinking her “milk coffee” in the mornings or after midnight she squeezes in time to work on her writing filled with insight and personal ideas. Accompanied by smooth writing gel pens, both original and color she sets the mood for her writing in an artistic way.

Working on things Rose knows, works with, and things close to her heart are all the motivation she needs to write. As an artist, her down time consists of delving into all things art related. From painting to photography, she knows how to put an artistic twist on it. Her husband Ray and sister Mary are her number one fans. They support all the ventures she takes on. It is no wonder the artist in her translates into writing. Art is so encompassing it’s hard to do one without the other. Roses biggest followers are often her repeat customers who share their successes with the works she has inspired.

Art was always Rose’s dream but in writing the e-books she has awoken the writing beast and can’t seem to turn it off. Her biggest goal with her e-series is to encourage art work from all walks of life and to do it well. She feels this brings people together and of course this is something we all crave but more importantly need in this day and age. I hope you enjoyed this artistic interview and that you can check out the sites I’ve provided.

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