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I truly hope that you enjoy the blog and feel free to comment or make suggestions. I would love to hear what you think. Though I have many hobbies and my life is crazy busy like most adults of today’s world, I have to, not want to, but have to write. It’s my love, my passion, and brings me joy. I’ve dabbled in everything from poetry, to my current focus, horror. I find there are so many people in the world, living to survive, but truly not living at all. Without a love and passion, we are all lost and our lives are empty.

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Nightmares are the inspiration for horror. Most people dread nightmares, me? I thrive on them. Screams and tremors, blood and ice, terror and murder all flood my dreams. The more twisted the better. A night of tossing and turning is sure to bring about something to write. Visualize the strange and unusual that may cross your mind, keep it close to your heart, write it down, and explore every angle of it.

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