My Writing Space: Madness or Masterpiece

Scanning my work space I can see a baby Groot growing in a pot (bobble head), several small elephant statues, flowers my husband picks almost every day in a small glass vase with Mickey mouse holding the base of the vase, a wedding photo, notepad, a smooth gliding pen, my computer, and various crafting tools. I wonder at the mess about if this is madness or a masterpiece.

Some choose to have tidy spaces to stay focused on the task at hand while others like me are more comfortable in a space filled with various items that are either personally meaningful or inspiring. When I’m lucky, they are both. When I’m stuck on an idea I may glance at Groot or even tip his top to make him dance, reminding myself that someone out there started with a blank sheet of paper before creating this unique character.

If I find myself unable to think of a word I want to use, with a blank slate staring at the screen, I can look at my elephants and remind myself the memories they have and the open spaces they roam in the wild. This often calms my thinking allowing words I am familiar with to come flooding back to mind.

When motivation is lacking the flowers my husband places on my desk in my Mickey Mouse vase I have two items to focus on: the flowers that despite weather conditions move forward every day to bloom into beautiful flowers, and the Mickey vase from Walt Disney himself. The motivation is reignited. One step in front of the last.

Now the hard part, when I feel like I just can’t do it anymore. I’m lost in my story, unable to write another word because I’ve lost sight of where my characters are going , I look at the photo of my husband and I on our wedding day. He has believed in my from day one of our relationship. If he refuses to give up on me, how can I?

Though many would say my work space is ridiculous madness it is indeed all part of my master plan to keep me going and never giving up. What does your work space look like?

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