Interview: CeeCee Elaine Novella Author

With the help and encouragement of a childhood English teacher, CeeCee learned early writing was for her. The instructor was a published author herself and encouraged her to write everyday whether it be a story in a notebook or personal thoughts in a journal. As the routine turned into habit CeeCee was soon filling 200-page notebooks every week. While working a full-time job makes it difficult to find time to write, after midnight CeeCee sets out to create new stories with a pencil and paper in hand. As she says: ‘I WRITE WITH THE MOON; EDIT WITH THE SUN’.

In only 3 months time, CeeCee completed her first Novella. She admits the length of time it takes depends on the time spent outlining before the writing begins. Though some days it can be difficult for her to write a single word, she usually writes 2,000 each time she writes with the most being around 6,000 in a single session. I’m sure the influence of her childhood teacher explains CeeCee’s love for notebooks and the need to only put her stories on the computer to edit them. The glare of a blank computer screen blanks out all thought. The personal feel of a pencil and notebook inspires creativity.

With her need to leave the readers with an emotional connection to her characters, CeeCee focuses on gruesome details. In the terrifying calmless contained within CeeCee’s mind, she finds her inspiration is overflowing. She tells me that she does not find inspiration rather it finds her. She is not often plagued with writer’s block but can go weeks without writing anything and just like that the inspiration that finds her and is followed by a day long writing binge. Between the full-time job and writing sessions it can be difficult to find time to enjoy many other hobbies but CeeCee enjoys drawing anime, playing video games, singing, and of course reading. Determined to get fit, she has also taken up running in the past few years and successfully lost 100 lbs. This shows how dedicated she is to success when she’s put her mind to something.

Her parents unsure of the security of being an author attempted to sway CeeCee from pursuing writing. She pushed on to successfully publish her first work and ready the world for many new ones to be out in 2020. With this achievement her mother has begun taking her more seriously and has offered a huge amount of support. Support has always come from her boyfriend and fellow writers. The very thought of CeeCee being unsuccessful in her endeavors is simply not thought of among those who have glimpsed her work.

I loved the response I received when asking who her inspiration is. She tells me that of course her teacher from childhood is an inspiration, but she loves the gothic family drama within V.C. Andrews books, the controversial and unapologetic masterpieces of Chuck Palahnuik, and of course the KING of horror Stephen King himself. CeeCee’s writing career consists of a couple 15,000 word Novellas for Down The Rabbit Hole fairy tale anthology, countless shorter stories, and hundreds of poems. In 2021 she plans to gather her poems and put together a collection to be published. Of all these works, CeeCee is most proud of and connected to the short story ALIVE she’s written for a summer writing contest based on the true story of being a victim of armed robbery and witnessing a murder. The link to connect to this story is: .

The majority of CeeCee’s writing consists of Dark Fantasy/Horror and her followers enjoy the cringe worthy pages leaving them wanting more. Currently she writes for an adult audience but admits that the future is unwritten and could possibly lead to a YA story if the inspiration pulls her in that direction. You’d never know that she has stage fright that limited her dreams of being a singer but the memory and enjoyment of her writing as a teen brought her full circle back to becoming an author.  CeeCee’s writing history has taught her to focus on character development and she tells me if you have a story you want to tell but are unsure where to start, character development is the place to go.

CeeCee gladly shared her current work with me called Brother Wolfe which is part of anthology of fairy-tale books due to come out in 2020. These are re-telling stories of classic fairytales. Below you can follow CeeCee’s journey as an author.

In a readers group on Facebook you can be a part of the story development and get a sneak peek into the anthology: 

You can follow her on social media and she does a monthly newsletter that goes out every 13th (scary) where CeeCee keeps readers updated on her WIPS. She even does giveaways and newsletter subscriber exclusives!!

Sign up to her newsletter here:





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