Running: Good for your Health and Motivation

No matter your age or your physical condition you will ALWAYS hear you need to exercise. This is often mentioned at least once at every doctor’s appointment throughout life. My favorite in the physical activity field is walking/running. I do a combination of both because my lungs just won’t let me run more than a few minutes at a time.

Running isn’t the same as other exercises. You have the privacy to process your thoughts, feelings, and ideas without interruption. It doesn’t matter if this is on a treadmill in a packed gym or if it’s out on a sidewalk somewhere in your neighborhood. Running as a health benefit brings up your heart rate which will assist in reaching or maintaining a healthy weight. The benefits include stronger bones as it is weight bearing, strengthening your muscles, cardiac benefits, improves mental health, memory health, lowers risk of cancer, and adds to the longevity of life.

In motivation running clears your mind, focuses you on specific tasks at hand without the jumble of everything colliding in rapid thoughts, reduces stress, releases serotonin the hormone that makes us feel good, clears confusion, relaxes you, and provides motivation.

The motivation comes from the accomplishment of your goal to run. When you achieve this goal it is evident that the next task at hand is achievable as well. The cleared mind puts in perspective which task should be tackled first and provides you with the priorities each task holds. Reduced stress and relaxation helps with focus and overall better health, improving motivation. Last but not least is the release of serotonin. This will make you feel better which makes working on the next task all that much easier.

I love running. When it clears my mind new ideas come to light. Whether it be a new approach in dealing with something stressful or literal new ideas for my writing or creativity, it works. I often find myself procrastinating when it comes to running or any other exercise. My only motivation to do so is the knowledge of my physical and emotional condition after the run. This is enough to get me dressed and out the door no matter what the weather or excuses I can come up with for why it can wait until another day.

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