Interview With Tina Marie

Growing up on a farm, Tina Marie often found her most unforgettable moments to be when she was sitting on the porch of that farmhouse enjoying her surroundings and dreaming up stories. Though she’s had her share of negativity with her desired career, after waiting 28 years she was unable to contain herself any longer joining the writing community. I’m thrilled she did.

The book she is sending out now has ignited the passion she carries deep inside. This is how she managed to complete her book in less than two months. Tsk Tsk to those who were negative in her past because her beta readers are begging for more. Tina Marie’s writing schedule usually starts around 6:00 PM and she is driven to continue until the wee hours of the morning with music blaring in her headphones.

Being one of Tina Marie’s lucky fans who enjoyed a sneak peek, I can tell you she is absolutely right when she says this work is not only a romantic comedy which had me laughing out loud, but soon twists into a romantic suspense. Inspired by everything around her, Tina Marie is often found envisioning new story lines taking her writing to new heights. These visions and creativity don’t allow her to stop writing.

Enjoying things such as photography, animals, and her creative cemented impressions of both paw prints and hand prints surely add to her inspiration. Pursing a career in writing is all she’s ever wanted and now refuses to give up on. While working another job this can be difficult but she carries on and doesn’t give up her desire to tell her story, moving her readers. I’m sure it helps that her work she’s just completed is one of her favorite stories she’s envisioned in her lifetime.

Though she hasn’t worked on building a following just yet, her beta readers have nothing but positive things to say about what they’ve read so far. Like me, they are ready for her to be picked up by a publisher so they can own her work as soon as possible. Even readers who wouldn’t normally read a romance find her story to be enthralling. I honestly could not stop turning the pages as I read along.

Being a relatable story, even men have enjoyed her writing. Many would assume that a romantic comedy would be only enjoyed by women, this particular story can be enjoyed by any adult. Tina Marie, like many other authors, believes a story that MUST be told brings passion to ones work.

Though she had never imagined being a writer growing up, she has it in her blood. Even writing plays at the tender age of 5, acting the scenes out one by one with her precious stuffed animals making her family watch as she did so. I can not imagine her following her childhood dreams to become a veterinarian rather than writing.

Tina Marie’s current work is full of whit and charm, a whole lot of sexual tension, and of course the main circumstances revolve around the budding romance between her favorite two characters. This woman has overcome snide remarks about her desire to write. She could no longer ignore her dreams, inspiring me with her words “NEVER let the words of others stop you from fulfilling your dream.” I’m so glad she found this courage and strength to pursue her dreams.

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