A written series I can’t get enough of : Lord Of The Rings. By JRR Tolkien

Many loving readers can be found snuggled in comfort with a book in their hands, diving into another world, time, or existence as they explore the words filling the pages before them. Some of these books can be explored and enjoyed time and again. Never losing interest or value as they are reread. I have so many written loves that I can’t imagine having not read. I’m longing constantly for the next story to move and change my life. With this being said, I can always make time to return to the books I’ve read multiple times that made me fall in love with the characters and engaging me in their journeys.

I absolutely LOVE the Lord Of The Rings series. This series is well organized and the description pulls you in to their world, walking each step and taking each breath as the characters do. Beginning with the Hobbit, I find myself lost in the story as I turn each page looking forward with fear, anxiety, and excitement. I thoroughly enjoyed the accompanying movies made nearly 60 years later with the Hobbit coming out after, they could not hold a light to the fascinating written words on the series’ pages. Getting lost and taking as much or as little time as I liked to explore this new land and friends, I found these to be more pleasant and satisfying.

The fantasy, companionship, friendship, struggle, trust and faith displayed within these pages are now and always will be relevant. Letting me escape the troubles of the real world but reminding me at the same time I too can overcome any odds. The hope depicted. accompanied by death and torture, leaves me on the edge of my seat. Teeth clamped tightly sometimes along with tears, I tend to read quickly turning the pages as I finish them. I do not dispute the movies were well done and deserve the credit they have received, I can not declare I was unable to pause, take a break, or walk away while watching. While reading the series, this couldn’t be further from the truth, even taking the books with me while cooking meals.

I did suggest earlier that with the books you are free to take your time to enjoy and grow with the story line. For me this wasn’t possible, I read as the hours passed until each book was carefully set back on my shelf for a future binge session of reading. Of the multiple times reading these books, I have yet to experience taking my time with them. Each page reveals something new and within each page a new discovery awaits. I do adore the characters of this story and can’t wait for the next time I take an adventure with them again.

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