Hand Writing Vs Computer Documents

When you talk to a writer you may find that some enjoy hand writing their scripts while others are devoted to their computer screens. There may still even be a few who use typewriters. My personal favorite if I had the option. Hand writing can have many benefits. You can write notes along your paper that you scribble down your story, pictures if you feel inspired to get closer to your characters or surroundings, quotes for your or your characters inspiration, facts within your story, word options to describe what you are seeing or feeling in the scene, and the list goes on.

A computer often offers ease of use. You don’t have to worry about retyping everything later to submit for publication and often times spell and grammar check are readily available. If you need to research, the computer is already in front of you to pull up a tab and start searching. If you need synonyms another tab opens up and there you go. Quotes can be added from any number of search options. If like me you listen to music while you write you can have control over what is played by the handy dandy YouTube channels available. It would seem an obvious choice.

I generally write on the computer for the above reasons but to be honest I would prefer to hand write everything for all I mentioned and for the connection to the story. It feels to me more personal to take the time to hand write whatever ideas I have floating around in my brain at the moment I begin writing. When my ideas are flowing I write so fast even a doctor would have trouble deciphering what’s written. The best part though I have to say is when I’m slowing down my thought process I don’t stare at a blank screen rather than immediately turn to jotting down pictures, ideas, and thoughts my character may be having. I have complete access to anything I could possibly want to know about my character within the turn of a page. This is much more productive than staring at the dreaded white screen waiting to jump on your shit for not writing.

Hand writing allows me to take my time when I need it and prevents me from slowing down or giving up for the day as quickly. The writers block many express is fewer and further between when I’m using a good pen and paper to write. Not for any other reason than I have time to think out my problem and continue writing while I do it. This also prevents the cursed word count expectation because unless you take the time to count every single word you’ve written one by one you are not going to care how many words you’ve written.

I tend to get caught up in word count which can lead to writers block or the feel of writers block. If you don’t meet your own expectations or you compare yourself to what other writers are achieving on a daily basis this can be a recipe for disaster. If you have a pen and paper you have the freedom of writing where and when you feel the desire. No need to turn the computer on, wait for it to start up, pull up your screens for searching, and open your folder to start writing. You aren’t glued to the intimidating screen with no where else to look. You can’t let your mind wander from the only goal in mind.

Sitting in the comfort of my favorite chair with the option of having music, television, or the distraction of my dogs available when I need a short break or inspiration makes life easier if I get hung up for any reason within my story. It is much easier to put the pen down and paper aside for a few seconds than staring blankly at a screen that isn’t producing words before you.

You may ask why then I don’t use pen and paper all the time. Good question. The answer is one of necessity. Pain. Having arthritis in my hands limits the amount of writing I can do with pen and paper. Not because I use my hands any more with manual writing because obviously you still use your hands while typing, but because ever since I was a child I’ve always gripped my pen tightly while writing quickly. This has the crochet effect. My fingers lock up and I can’t open them after a short period of time.

I do still write with pen and paper but usually only to keep track of facts I’ve written and created for my plot. I miss writing by hand and if at my advancing age was able to learn not to hold my pen so tightly I would surely go back to the preferred pen and paper method, regardless of the excess amount of time it would take to finish a story. It’s frustrating for me to lose ideas for a story simply because I’m not in front of the screen and caught without my phone.

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